Park Services

Need Cash? No problem! The ATM is conveniently located throughout the park in the following areas:

  • At the Guest Service office inside the park (requires an entry ticket to the park)
  • within the entry plaza of the park (does not require an entry ticket to the park)

If you get a cut or scrape, head over to our First Aid station, located at the Guest Service office.

Our lockers are available for all-day rental in Bollywood Parks Dubai at the following areas:

  • Inside the Guest Service office Within the park (requires an entry ticket to the park)
  • Within the entry plaza of the park, just outside the park (does not require an entry ticket to the park)

Drinking Fountains
You will find our drinking fountains in Bollywood Boulevard on the right side when entering the park.

Are your youngsters tired from walking throughout the park? No problem, we offer you rental strollers which can be rented on a first-come, first serve basis. You can find them next to the Guest Service office in Bollywood Boulevard.  

Visit our Guest Service office in Bollywood Boulevard within the park to learn more about the services we offer guests with disabilities.